Recipe for Life

1 cup of Good Thoughts
1 cup of Consideration of others
3 cups of Forgiveness
2 cups of Sacrifice for others
1 cup of Kind Deeds
2 cups of Well beaten thoughts

Mix this thoroughly and add tears of joy, sorrow and sympathy for others. Flavor with little gifts of love. Fold in 4 cups of prayer and raise the texture to great heights of Christian living. After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with heat of human kindness. Serve with a smile.

" Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday".

My Dad gave me this cookbook in 1982, I have used it so often, the cover is no longer on it. I would love to give credit to who wrote this, but no name was listed.
Inside the first page this recipe was written. I have tried to live by it and at times I can smile and I think about my Dad. He died a year later and this cookbook he bought for me at his work place has become very precious to me.
Its tattered and worn and its covered with years of stains, but I still hold fond memories of that special day he gave it to me. He said, " this probably is not a good cook book, but I thought you would like it for a early wedding present". If he only knew how I special it is to me after all these years!
I love you Dad!


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