Feed your face for normal skin

Well lets be fair, I am sure there are many out there with normal skin. I havent tried this so let me know how it does or if you liked it.

Feed your Face For Normal Skin

1/2 cucumber
1/4 plain yogurt

Peel cucumber, then slice. Process in blender or food processor until mixture is creamy. Apply to entire face ( avoid eye area). Oh Yes!! Prop up your fee and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse off face with warm water. Enjoy!

Feed your Face for Oily Skin

3 Tbsp uncooked rolled oats
1 Tbsp instant nonfat dry skin
1 egg white

Place the oats in blender or food processor and process until the consistency of coarse powder.
Add the milk powder. blend. Add the egg white blend well. Apply to face and let harden into a mask for 15 minutes and of course prop your feet up and rest! Rinse several times with warm water and a gentl soap.


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