Tax Day Frugal Chocolate Peanut Clusters

I sent off my hard earned money to the IRS! So its time for a southern frugal chocolate day dessert!
Try this southern recipe to make you happy again after sending in all that money!

Peanut Clusters

8 oz milk chocolate
2/3 cup peanuts

Line cookie sheet with waxed paper. Put an inch of water in bottom of double boiler. Break chocolate into 1 inch pieces and put in pan. Over med heat stir chocolate until it is melted completely. Stir in nuts and remove from heat, leaving in double boiler so it wont harden.
Spoon blobs on wax paper. Refridge 30 minutes. Peel off clusters. Put in plastic wrapped lined tins or container. Keep in fridge. Serve at room temperature. Will keep for a month! ( Of course by this time you will have forgotten about taxes!) You can try this with pecans, golden raisins or Almonds.


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