Gardening in Alabama

Gardening is so much fun, but yep its a lot of lot of hard work too! Especially when you have a few friendly night guests! Our nightly guest are sweet wet nosed deer! They helped themselves to my lovely leaves on the cucumbers. The hubby is sitting up his electric fence, he just didn't think they would be so hungry so early!
Any way we have some nice green tomatoes and the beans are looking good. I should have some squash soon!
One of my peach trees has given us several jars of fresh peach jelly and peach pies! Nothing better than a piece of fresh peach pie with a tall glass of cold milk or peach jelly on a hot biscuit early in the morning!
Pictures... well I need to break down and buy my own digital camera! I should have pictures up midweek, promises from Lauren! She and hubby are heading to Indiana this week for a family reunion, Mom is staying home, unable to get off work at this time. Special prayers for them for travel time please, they will be driving.
Well I hope everyone is doing good. We have been blessed with a wonderful very pretty sunny weekend! Hope sunshine has spread to many other places also. I hope everyone has a wonderful week, stay safe if your on the road. If you have any recipes to share or any story you would like to share please come on by for a visit, I will be here!


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