Good Morning News!!

Good Morning!! Its time to pass out good news! I am starting a new day job in a doctors office on Feb 1st, this is the best news!
To me this means, I am back to blogging more often and now maybe my life can get back to normal, especially my sleeping habits. Gosh I am going to feel like a princess being able to sleep at night again!!

On to another good news. I am now on Facebook. My daughter introduced me. I will now be posting all my freebies on facebook, so be sure to check it out and become my fan! I would love to have you and I will be posting freebies daily! Check it out:

Many giveaways!! Be sure to come by and visit me either here or on Facebook and check out two giveaways I will be starting on Monday!!

Also we have a new addition to the family. My daughter has struck again lol. She found a yellow 6 month old lab on yesterday and of course the dog was only two miles from the house. She was very upset when she read, "If we cannot find a home, we will be forced to take him to the pound." So he didn't go to the pound, he came to live here with three cats and a small dog! Yes I have sucker written across my forehead!
I also told my husband who has been wanting to replace an older dog we lost recently, Happy Anniversary! (I must admit big yellow dog is a sweetie).
Hubby is out of town till tonight and he has called about his new big yellow dog about 5 times now since last night! I will have a picture of him up soon.

Now its time for you to pass on the good news! If you have any good news you would like to share please do. I would love to read about and I am sure others would too! To me its the simple everyday good news that makes you smile so why not make others smile too!
In this crazy world I think its time to concentrate on the good news, so I will be posting Good Morning News each Thursday!

Now its your turn!


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