My Blog Spark Giveaway

Recently I was sent a wonderful package from My  Blog Spark! It was a rainy cold day and it was a pleasant surprise to see the fedex man drive down my driveway with a present!
I received a  pyrex clear glass butter dish with a butter knife and two coupons for one free can of honey buttter refrigerated Pillsbury GRANDS biscuits!
So that weekend my family and I sit down to enjoy hot honey butter biscuits with a small pat of butter! This was also served with a couple strips of crunchy bacon and scambled eggs mixed with tomatoes and cheese. It was a delicious breakfast. I highly recommend the Grand honey butter biscuits. They were very flaky, fluffy and light with just a hint of honey butter.
Now Pillsbury wants to also provide one of my lucky readers with the same  prize pack which is provided through MyBlogSpark!
All you need to do is tell me what your favorite things are you like to make for breakfast for your family!
Deadline to post about your family breakfast is 2/10/10, so hurry and post so we can submit a winner!


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