3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 1/2 cups sliced fresh strawberries

1/2 cup water

2 tablespoons orange-flavored liqueur or orange juice

Red food color, if desired

1 (8-oz.) can Pillsbury® Refrigerated Crescent Dinner Rolls

1 egg white, slightly beaten

2 teaspoons sugar

1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed


1. In small saucepan, combine 3 tablespoons sugar and cornstarch. In blender container or food processor bowl with metal blade, combine 1/2 cup of the strawberries and the water; puree until smooth. If desired, strain to remove seeds.

2. Stir pureed strawberries into sugar mixture in saucepan. Cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until thickened, stirring constantly. Stir in liqueur. Cool 10 minutes. Stir in remaining 2 cups strawberries and enough food color for desired red color. Refrigerate until serving time.

3. Heat oven to 325°F. Lightly grease cookie sheet. Separate dough into 8 triangles. For each roll, place 2 triangles together, one on top of the other; press all edges together to seal. Roll up, starting at shortest side of triangle and rolling to opposite point. Place point side down on greased cookie sheet. Brush each roll with egg white. Sprinkle evenly with 2 teaspoons sugar.

4. Bake at 325°F. for 20 to 25 minutes or until rolls are golden brown. Remove from cookie sheet; cool 15 minutes. Split rolls horizontally; place on individual dessert plates. Fill and top each with strawberry mixture and whipped topping.


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2 Pillsbury® Grands!® frozen buttermilk or southern style biscuits (from 25-oz bag)

1 1/2 teaspoons yellow mustard

1 1/2 teaspoons mayonnaise or salad dressing

2 oz sliced pork (from deli)

2 oz sliced ham (from deli)

4 round dill pickle slices, well drained

2 tablespoons shredded Swiss cheese

1 egg, beaten

1/2 teaspoon dried minced onion


1. Heat oven to 350°F. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.

2. Place biscuits on microwavable plate. Microwave uncovered on Medium (50%) 30 to 45 seconds, turning over halfway through microwave time. (Biscuits should still be cold for easier handling.) Press and stretch each biscuit into 6-inch round.

3. In small bowl, stir mustard and mayonnaise until smooth. Spread mustard mixture on each round to within 1/2 inch of edge. Arrange pork and ham slices over mustard mixture to within 1/2 inch of edge, folding if necessary. Top each round with two pickle slices; sprinkle with cheese. Brush egg around edge of biscuit rounds. Fold dough over filling; press edges with fork to seal. Brush with egg; sprinkle with onion.

4. Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.


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