Coupon on Carmex!

Print this coupon to Save $0.50 on Carmex Lime Twist or Vanilla Sticks on the Carmex Facebook page under the “Coupons” tab (or request one coupon by mail, see instructions below). Just fill out the form to print this coupon twice (hit the back button for your second unique coupon, now you can try both flavors). Coupon prints at the top of the page with a color ad below it and it doesn’t expire until November 30. Plenty of time to wait for a Drugstore Deal, or take it to Walgreens starting August 28 to make a 50 cent profit. Thanks goes to for sharing this deal!

Carmex - Word of Mouth


John strapped his receiver tightly on his upper arm. He was ready to finish this game and finally claim victory. The sun had set...