We Know your out there!!

I don't about you, but as I have grown older I sometimes have hot flashes and I can even have a bit of irritability...Yikes!!  Walgreen's this week has a possible solution.. Estroven on sale. Its $10.00 dollars and  the good news is you get a $10 dollar rewards coupon back, so its almost like your trying it for free. So I am giving it a shot! I will let you know how it works on me! In my dreams I see myself sleeping better, no more hot flashes and as sweet as chocolate pie!!

Plus a coupon for $3.00 $3.00/1 – Estroven Dietary Supplement, Any – (estroven.com)   Sorry no coupons 


John strapped his receiver tightly on his upper arm. He was ready to finish this game and finally claim victory. The sun had set...