What's in a name?

I had to change my password today to Facebook, so presently my posts are not crossing over to Facebook from Blogger like they were.

Right now I am a bit upset, while trying to fix things with Facebook, I discovered that someone has a new blog, much like mine. Its about coupons, saving money etc, but the main thing that has really upset me extremely is the fact that they are using my Blog name!!! I feel like someone has stolen my name!

I have been posting under Frugal Southern Mom since 2009, Now someone in South Carolina has started a blog this past Feb. 2011 and named her blog- The Frugal Southern Mom !!

I love my blog, at times I have been sick and was unable to blog, but its my baby, its my outlet, its how I get to chat with my blogging friends and right now it upsets me to think that someone has started a blog with the same name!!

Tell me would you be upset or am I taking this too seriously? What do you think? What is in a name?


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