Carry a big Mom bag or a Diaper bag?

Recently I noticed a young girl at work with  the cutest bag. It was large, had from the looks of it several compartments and it was cotton with a black and white design.

To me this looked perfect! I love big bags, but I hate how you reach in and everything is all bunched down in the bottom of the purse. Organization this I love. Now I may not be the most organized person, but oh how I would love to be!!

To have a purse with a place for your keys, make up, wallet and coupons and of course a few odds and ends you have too have at all times with you. You know how it goes you never know when you may need it!

I hate admit but yes I have been "that" woman who has almost had to empty her huge bag looking for  car keys only to find things I really needed last month but had no idea where to start looking for them.

So as I was walking the patient up front to check her out,  I  remarked how pretty her purse was. Really I was jealous that another woman had a purse that she could organize her life in and yes I wanted to be organized too!

 My daughter now carries my ATM card around with her when we shop because I can never find mine when we check out.  Don't ask me how but it always seems to be at the bottom of my purse and yes I know it should go directly in my wallet when I am finished using it!

Well I was very surprised when this nice organized young woman told me her bag was a diaper bag! It didnt look like one. It was very fashionable. Then she told me she didnt even have any children! She just liked it because it was big and had a lot of compartments!

When I got home it was right to the internet I went to find me a diaper bag! My husband thought I was crazy! I can see that, I mean we are empty nesters now and a daughter who is in college so we have no babies!

Take a look what I found. It was amazing! I have decided the next purse might just be a diaper bag!!

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