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Here are some articles in this free Ebook!

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs (p.5) With these instructions
 you can color Easter eggsusing your very own, homemade
 Easter egg dye! Just pop by the grocery store to pick up what
 you need and, afterwards, you can eat what you didn't use.
Natural Dye Easter Egg Tutorial (p. 6) Build on what you
 just learned in the previous project and try some new
 Easter egg designs! These pretty flower prints make the
 eggs subtly beautiful and a perect decoration for any table or Easter basket.
Wild Misted Easter Eggs (p. 8) If you love the look of brightly-colored, box-dyed
 eggs, try this cute Easter egg pattern. You can draw on any Easter egg designs
 you want. It'll add a fun spin to those monotone eggs.


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