Halloween treats to fix at home!

Now some folks are not to crazy about going trick or treating and I  can't hold that against you. It can be just as much fun at the house making tasty treats and craving pumpkins and the good thing is you don't get as tired since you don't have to go from one house to another!

Here are some treats I hope you would like to try out. If you look in my  earlier post you will find a recipe for Pumpkin seeds.. this is a great one to try!
So enjoy cooking, watch a couple of scary movies and make memories at home on this year on Halloween!

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halloween rice krispies treats recipe

Icing, tinted green
Icing, tinted black
White circular candies for eyes
Disposable plastic zip top bags

Icing tips:
#2 (round)
#46 (flat edge for eyebrows and nose)
#233 (for hair) with connectors
Lollipop sticks

Wax paper
Optional: Green and white paper straws

 Be sure to check out more recipes on http://www.snackpicks.com
Rice Krispies Treats Bars
To start making this Halloween recipe for your kids, insert lollipop sticks into the bottom of your Rice Krispies Treats. Prepare your icing. Gel food coloring works best. Trim the corners of your zip top bags. Insert an icing connector (available at craft stores) in the corner hole you cut, spoon in your icing and attach your icing tip to the outside of the bag.
Halloween recipe ideas
Using the #46 icing tip and green icing, pipe one long eyebrow and a shorter flat nose. Using the #2 icing tip and green icing, pipe two dots for the eyes. Add candies. And pipe a squiggly mouth, a scar and two dots on the sides for his bolts. Then attach his Apple Jacks bolts.
Easy Kids Halloween Party Snacks
Using the #233 icing tip and black icing, pipe on Frankenstein’s hair.  You can use the #2 tip for this too, it will just take a bit longer.
If you want to dress him up a bit, cut a green and white paper straw in half and insert the lollipop stick into it before displaying your Treats in little orange candies.  


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