Top Five Disney World Tips this Spring Break for Moms!

I have a guest post I am sure all Moms and Dads will enjoy! Please sat back and enjoy the tips from a Mom who knows best!  This article was written by Kendra Thornton. I am sure you will learn some very helpful tips for your next trip to Disney!

Top Five Disney World Tips this Spring Break for Moms
A trip to the magical World of Walt Disney can be one of a child's greatest experiences!  However, without a proper plan of attack, the trip can become a challenge for parents.  With the help of a few important tips below, parents can enjoy their time with Mickey Mouse without going Goofy!  
1.  Eat breakfast with the Disney characters.  Several of the Walt Disney World restaurants offer character breakfasts where Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Stitch and a host of other popular Disney characters, greets children.  This is a great way to set the mood for the day and put a smile on your child's face!  These breakfasts are extremely popular and reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance.  
2.  Relax on the monorail or ferry.  After a full morning of walking around the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, you can take advantage of the free Walt Disney World transportation system to rest your feet.  The resort monorail connects the three Magic Kingdom resorts and the Transportation and Ticketing Center (TTC) to the Magic Kingdom.  

From the TTC, you can take the monorail over to EPCOT and back just to enjoy a relaxing air-conditioned ride.  The ferry service from the Magic Kingdom is great on a pleasant day, and offers a nice breeze over the lagoon.
3.  Take a nap!  Each day of the week, one of the Disney parks is open for Extra Magic Hours.  These additional hours are a perk for guests staying at one of the Walt Disney World Resort, amongst some of the  "" top hotels in Orlando.  These times are ideal for taking advantage of shorter lines for many of the attractions.  However, since these hours run early or late, take advantage of a mid-day nap while the attraction lines are long.
4.  Baby Care Centers and strollers.  Baby Care Centers within each of the Disney theme parks provide nursing rooms with rocking chairs, changing rooms and number of other free amenities.  Stroller rentals are also available at the parks and there are plenty of strollers parking available in front of major attractions and shows.  
5. Plan ahead!  Set up a strategy prior to your trip to get the most out of each Disney day, making a note of park hours, parade times, show schedules and dining reservations.  Be sure to take advantage of Disney's free FASTPASS service, which allows you to bypass the line on certain attractions!

I hope these personal travel tips of mine will help you and your family this Spring break and make your vacation a little easier. Remember…HAVE FUN! ϑ 


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