Looking for an affordable getaway?

Paradise Hills Resort &  Spa • Blairsville, GA

Livingsocial has some of the greatest vacation escapes and my daughter came across one nearby in Georgia!
It's in Georgia Wine Country and is a PERFECT mother daughter getaway!
I have a link posted below for all the details, but to briefly share it includes a 3-night stay at paradise hills resort, 2-30 minute neck and back massages, and a wine tasting all for only $269!!

As an added BONUS they give you an opportunity to make it a FREE vacation by sharing it with your friends, and if 3 friends purchase the same vacation under the link they provide you than its FREE!! that's it!!
So if you would like to make this trip even MORE enjoyable for us please purchase this AMAZING deal for you and someone who needs a brief escape from the world!!! 

Click this link for this awesome deal!!!!!!

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