Publix Breakfast! Make this the best Meal of the day from MyBlog Spark!

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Re-think your breakfast routine and eat the most important meal of the day at your own table. You'll save time and money with breakfast at home compared to grabbing something on the go.

Recently I was given the opportunity to go to Pulbix to save money for breakfast items! MyBlog Spark had sent a $25 dollar gift card to spend and I was bound and determined to see just how much I could buy on just this card alone.  I have to admit I was not disappointed!

First of all I needed a gallon of milk and the list continues, A bottle of Simply Orange pineapple juice, 18 eggs were added to the cart first. Already I skimmed my coupons to see I had already had a savings of $1
on my gallon of milk. (Barber's).

 I was able to grab two boxes of Cherrios by General Mills at 1.99 a pop and had a .50 coupon on both, it doubled so paying .99 cents for each box was great. Plus I was dying to try out the new

My cart was filled with two Folglers coffees, Bisquick Heart Healthy, Silk Fruit and protein smoothie, greek yoplait 100 cal. yogurt, yo yo baby yogurt and of course bananas for the Cherrios! Plus Strawberries. I  had everything I needed for a great breakfast at home and was out the door under $25!! It was a great Breakfast buy out!

EverydaySaver is a great way to save at Publix. Here, you'll find savings on your favorite Big G cereals and other General Mills products. Select the coupons you want, and print directly from your printer. It's that simple!  This is a great location to go to save the money! | Also find Publix on:
 be sure to check out these great other websites.

I would love to encourge you to stop running around crazy in the mornings. Stop and take a breath and one evening look at a few coupons and match them up to your ad and you will ejnoy your at home breakfast a lot more than rushing and eating in your car. General mills has quite a few cereals and breakfast items to choose from these days and  it will onl;y take you a few seconds to make a cheap breakfast everyone will love! Plus more time for the family!
Have fun shopping!

All gift cards were made possible by General Mills and MyBlog spark.



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