David Ian Valentine's Day - New CD-released 01/28/14!

Would you like a "little jazz" for your listening pleasure on Valentine's Day?  At times I get assorted mail in and this CD, "David Ian Valentine's Day" came in last week for me to review. Here is his website, http://www.iantunes.com/


I really enjoyed this CD, its smooth, sassy, tranquil and its jazz with a vintage feel to it!
I popped in my CD while cooking dinner and I found each song delightful and soothing! It brought back memories of when I was kid and the family would gather in the living room. We would listen for hours different albums of jazz on the stereo on a Saturday night! 

 While listening to this CD, I found myself pouring a glass of wine, looking for a comfy chair, laying my head back, closing my eyes and gently taking in a relaxing jazzy night of vintage jazz music! It  definitely helped me to relax, escape and forget about everyday stresses for awhile.

David is the pianist and arranger, of these beautiful jazz CD's and he has recently released his third studio album, Valentine’s Day! There are 11 tracks to listen to, each selection has it's own magical spell. I have to agree with a statement on his website, which ASSOCIATED PRESS states is “seamlessly melding the some traditional compositions with the perfect hint of lounge-meets-jazz phrasing.”  "It goes on to say the selections on this album reflect David Ian’s own journey in discovering jazz, with many of the tracks among the first standards he came to love."

I would definitely recommend this CD! I am sure the selections are sure to please anyone's listening pleasure. My Funny Valentine was a favorite, Kevin Max is the vocalist, but the 
"Gospel vocal legend, *Russ Taff, and Ian’s fragile piano expressions create a solemn moment in the bonus track Sweet By and By." It was soul searching.

I have to give a shout out to his sweet wife, Grace, who sent me the CD to review. Thank you for choosing Frugal Southern Mom to add to your list for reviews.  It was a great early Valentine's Day present, which I enjoyed immensely.

You can find David Ian's CD's on Amazon, Itunes and  http://www.iantunes.com/

Valentine's Day
David Ian 


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