Life’s A is giving away FREE bumper stickers

Life's a Dog
Life’s A is giving away FREE bumper stickers. This freebie will be available while supplies last.
Be sure to go get your free sticker today! Life's a Dog for sure! I love my babies! I have 3 of the loveable creatures! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Let me first Introduce you to Bella! Yep she is small, but she isn't your typical small dog!
Of course, my family will say this one is my favorite, but I love them all equally, it was easier to find Bella's picture's first! Look forward to meeting Barney, the lab and Elle the border collie in the next few post's!

                                                    Here she is helping me cook! 
                                                       Yes, she can be comical at times!
This is bella, when she was a baby!

Hope you enjoyed my pet of the day. Be sure to check back to meet Barney and Elle!


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