Sport Durst Automotive Group is the place to go on a Saturday!!

It was finally the right time, the time to go out and buy your new car. Yes, you still had few months of school left but the old 'Ma" car had broken down, she had taken the last trip on that 45 minute drive to school.

Of course, when you venture out for your first adult new car deal, you have an idea what you want but, of course, it doesn't always fit the budget in your pocket book!

You got up early that Saturday morning and the first thing Dad asked,  "Are you ready to buy a new car?"  Excited, you glance at him with a smile and tell him I sure am!

Many hours later and several car dealerships, you are about to give up and Dad suggest, "Lets stop for lunch, it will make you feel better". Funny how eating lunch with a man who you see everyday, most of the time you fuss with, sometimes you talk to, but most of the time it's like your simply passing each other in the night so to speak, but that day you really enjoyed lunch, for the first time in awhile you shared what was going on in your life and so did he and it felt good. You could tell the way lunch was going, that today was 
what makes memories and this was a good one.

Then you mentioned a place you haven't gone to today and Dad nods and said, "You could have told me earlier about this place!

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 You fell in love with your new car, a Hyundai Accent, it was just the right size, the right color, small but roomy enough to carry all your gear!

Sport Durst Millennium auto dealership is conveniently located in Durham North Carolina. Whether you are in search of a new or used car, parts, service, or auto financing, Sport Durst is proud to serve many towns throughout the state of North Carolina.

Sport Durst Automotive Group is here to provide you with tools that they hope will make buying a car easier. You can browse their new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Mazda, or Hyundai inventory or pre-owned selection, get a quote, fill out a finance application, value your trade, or even make a service appointment. Be sure to check out their web page:
 Sport Durst Auto in Durham, NC 27707 (Click Here For Directions) or give them a call at (877) 262-3223. They have a large inventory and a wide selection of models, along with competitive pricing, allowing you to make a great deal on the vehicle of your choice.
 The staff is  friendly and professional and are there to answer any questions and listen to your needs. Whether you're shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, they're here to help you with your search.
You love your new car and plus you loved getting to know Dad again, but since he had to co-sign with you, can you believe technically it's still his car!! 



John strapped his receiver tightly on his upper arm. He was ready to finish this game and finally claim victory. The sun had set...