Enjoy Cinco de Mayo with Chef Pati Jinich with great Recipes!

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that calls for celebration and entertaining!  According to History.com, “Cinco de Mayo is widely interpreted as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage” and revelers in the United States “mark the occasion with parades, parties, mariachi music, Mexican folk dancing and traditional foods.” If you’re among the millions celebrating this year, but need some inspiration for a crowd pleasing fiesta with true Mexican flare, you’re in luck!


Chef Pati Jinich, host of the hit PBS series “Pati’s Mexican Table,” will be available to share her favorite Mexican inspired recipes including a secret ingredient: avocados! They’re an extremely versatile fruit that adds creamy, rich texture and delicious flavor that will take your favorite Mexican dishes to the next level this Cinco de Mayo. Here are few tips Pati will share:
·       Delicious dishes with authentic flavors for crowd pleasing and true Mexican flare
·       How fresh Avocados from Mexico can be a nutritious addition to your Cinco de Mayo dishes and take them to the next level
·       How to choose an avocado and determine if they are ripe

Here are some fun avocado facts for you to share this Cinco de Mayo from Avocados from Mexico:
 During the week of Cinco, 33,892,841 Million Pounds of avocados are consumed. That’s enough to fill over 45 million standard Margarita glasses.

 Over 66 million individual avocados are consumed during the week of Cinco. Enough for half of the entire Mexican population to get their own avocado.

 The amount of avocados consumed during Cinco week is 51 times the population of Denver, the city that holds one of the top Cinco De Mayo Festivals, “Celebrate Culture” and 6 times  that of the entire Colorado population.

 The avocado is also known as the “Alligator Pear”, Alligators weigh around 1,000 pounds each. The weight of the Avocados consumed would equal around 33,000 alligators. 

 The amount of avocados consumed during the week of Cinco would equal the weight of over 8 million average sized Spanish guitars similar to those used by Mariachi Bands.

Are you ready for Cinco De Mayo? 

Click here to enjoy making some great recipes for Cinco De Mayo!

Be sure to check out Chef Pati's new recipe book that is out. The recipes are very rich, pleasing to the palate and sure to make everyone happy who enjoy's spicy food at it's best!


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