Holiday Road Trip

  When it gets cold in November and December, especially in Alabama and black Friday has come and gone and for the first time in a long time you did what you thought was right, you stayed home, spend time with family and friends and actually enjoyed a non stressed Thanksgiving! It was so pleasant and you have so many good memories to look back on.

Today as you get up and fix your first cup of coffee and stare off into space, thinking its so nice to be off from work for two days straight. You look out the kitchen window and notice the neighbors already have their decorations up, and sip your coffee and think why that's nice, then suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks, you haven't bought the first Christmas present yet and you still have all the parties, work, all the things the kids have lined up and you suddenly feel like you can't breath. You can feel your stomach starting to hurt and churn as you think about the long list of folks you need to buy for this year.   

It's funny how we let the holidays stress us out and keep us from enjoying ourselves. This year I am going to try to stop and appreciate the time I have with my family and try to make it a memorable Christmas. So what its mid December, maybe its time to just take a deep breath and go make cookies and make something special for dinner and then sit around the table and talk and just maybe we can ask each other what we want for Christmas, but try to keep the list to a minimum. 

In the meantime, I have a great a place for you and the kids to check out in Alabama. If your looking for a place to go to see Christmas lights, I have just the place. Plus they serve milk and cookies at the end of your ride. So it's road trip time, gather the blankets and pillows for comfort. Of course bring a few snacks to munch on, while you enjoy a spectacular Christmas light show!

 Let's all try to remember to stop and do something special for someone else during the holidays. Yes, I am saying "pay it forward" and hopefully some of our daily stress will go away and joy will fill our hearts instead!  

A lifetime of holiday memories await you and your family at the Festival of Lights presented by Legacy Credit Union!

 There's a little bit of Clark Griswald in all of us and no better way to get into the Holiday spirit - without the risk of frostbite - than to enjoy a dazzling display of lights in the shapes of holiday themes and characters from the comfort of your own car. Follow the path all along the property of the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre with your radio tuned to Festival of Lights Radio brought to you by Bojangle's Famous Chicken and Biscuits (93.3 FM) to enjoy a customized Holiday broadcast, synchronized to the amazing light show. Bud's Best Cookies Holiday Village for cookies and milk. The Festival of Lights presented by Legacy Credit Union is certain to delight visitors of all ages.  

Santa & the elves are busy putting the finishing touches on Festival of Lights 2015! The grand opening will be this Fri. December 4th they are open through January 3rd.


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