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While heading to your parent's house, you were really dreading having to drive "your baby"  anywhere. The car you drove wasn't exactly a beauty and even with the gas prices down, it still cost too much to fill it up. Lately, it appeared every time you filled the car with gas something would go wrong with "your baby". Every day had become an adventure, while just out for a ride to the store this morning a headlight just fell out and crashed on the pavement. If anyone was needing a new car it was you!  

You pick up your keys and head to the beauty, get in, crank it up and head to your parents house. It was Tuesday, so today meant you could pop in for Beef tips and rice, which happens to be your favorite, maybe a good meal would make you feel better and help you decide what to do about your car situation.   

You pull up the driveway and start to turn the engine off, when you hear a new noise in the motor, it was a ringing noise, but at least it wasn't smoking or running hot so you turn off the engine, grab your purse and head inside.  

Once inside you are hit with questions about the new noise your car is making, its then your Dad notices your head light is missing and you know what the next thing he will say, you give him a big smile and hug and act like you didn't hear him and head to the kitchen, he just shakes his head and tells you, your Mom is outside on the deck. You head to the deck, find Mom reading the newspaper, she lowers the paper to tell you the local car dealership is having a contest and the top giveaway is a new car. You roll your eyes at her and nod your head, mainly to just let her know you heard her, but the article doesn't even say what kind of car it is, gosh it could be one worse then the one you have now.   

After dinner you settle down on the couch and fall asleep. Mom covers you up. Your off from work the next day, so staying the night wasn't a problem. Besides the next day was coupon shopping day with Mom.   

The next morning you wake up and head to the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of coffee and look out the window to glance at your new blue car sitting in the driveway. You are so proud to be a new car owner. It was about time! You head to the couch, sip your coffee and smile, you can still feel the new car ownership tingle. Yes, all the extra time you put in a work is finally paying off and you have no regrets. Just look at that blue beauty!   

Wait a minute, something is definitely wrong here. You quickly put down your cup and run back to the window and look out at the driveway and you realize it was all a dream, the only car in the driveway is a rusty, worn looking blue car that looks like it's winking with the missing headlight gone.  You  head back to the kitchen and start looking through the newspaper to enter that contest for the new car! Who knows, maybe you will win!

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