ZYRTEC® Rewards program

Enjoy Savings & Loads More

Earn great rewards for being a loyal member of the ZYRTEC® Rewards program. Start earning points as soon as you register. Redeem them for all sorts of cool stuff, including great savings on ZYRTEC® products.
You can get a $2 ZYRTEC® coupon with 0 points. Or redeem points to get even more valuable coupons, and other fun options, in our rewards catalog.
Points vary depending on count size and frequency of purchase as well as the completion of non-purchase activities. See Terms and Conditions. Restrictions apply.
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More About Zyrtec® Rewards

1. How To Earn Points:

  • Purchase ZYRTEC® products
  • Check out features in ZYRTEC® Rewards

2. Redeem Points For:

  • Valuable ZYRTEC® coupons
  • Movie tickets, magazines, music and more!

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