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Feeling like spring is in the air, but then I heard the ground hog saw his shadow, so it looks like six more weeks of winter will be bestowed upon us! So what does a family do when snowed in? 

You could move to Alabama, where we actually have such unpredictable weather, it doesn't matter who saw their shadow, in one week we can see all seasons of the year, plus throw in a few tornadoes. 

So with that being said, taking off on adventurous road trips on any given Saturday isn't a problem, just be sure to check the weather to make sure your dressed appropriately. 

A good way to get your Saturday up and running smoothly in our household is to stop by a great breakfast place to make sure everyone is filled to the brim, so once back in the car, maybe you can get a few miles behind you before hearing, 'I am hungry!''. 

I guess you could say we are really pretty lucky, we do have several historical kid approved places to visit that will not break the bank, as matter of fact its FREE to visit! You know we all love FREE, especially if your a parents with a large family! Here is a list of FREE places to visit in Alabama! 

1. Botanical Gardens
: Take a trip through the flowers at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, (205) 414-3900. 

2. Art:  While still in Birmingham, stop by and see one of the world's largest collections of Wedgwood at the Birmingham Museum of Art; (205) 254-2565.

3. Parade
: Be sure to go watch the nation's oldest and largest Veteran's Day Parade in Birmingham

4.Jazz: Get jazzed up at the Jazz Jam Fest, and enjoy the sounds of saxophones, clarinets, and trumpets every fourth Sunday of the month in the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame's Carver Performing Arts Theatre in Birmingham; (205) 254-2731. 

5. Aviation: Admire one of the largest helicopter collections on Earth at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker, where helicopter pilots receive their training; (334) 598-2508.

6. Hot-Air Balloons: Gaze at the hot-air balloons as they fly up, up, and away at the Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic & Music Festival in Decatur during Memorial Day weekend; 1-800-524-6181. 

7. Yard Sale:
  Go treasure hunting the third weekend in August at the world's longest yard sale, which starts in Gadsden and goes to Covington, Kentucky; 1-888-565-0411. 

8. History: Stand where Gen. Andrew Jackson did when he defeated the Creek Indians in 1814 at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park near Daviston; (256) 234-7111. 

9. Museums: Go visit the the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery; (334) 261-1100. 

10. Steel Industry: Come and see how the steel industry started in Alabama. Sloss Furnaces offers free tours to the public. Keep in mind that you'll be without a tour guide. Be careful though. Sloss Furnaces is rumored to be haunted. I would suggest this place for older kids. (205) 254-2025 

11.Water:  LITTLE River Canyon, located in Northeast Alabama, has a big area that attracts swimmers. This area is known as Hippie Hole. (256) 845-9605 x201 

12. Picnic: After visiting new places for free, pack up a basket of food and head to the nearest park for a picnic. This is just a small list of places to visit, but remember to make sure once you leave, please leave all places like you found it, be sure to pick all your trash, so someone else will be able to enjoy these locations for free also! 

Whatever you do decide to do, just keep in mind if the weatherman even hints at white stuff, head back home, throw on your winter clothes and head to the store for your ration of milk and bread. Have fun y'all! 

Author Note: Tammy is the owner and author of the Frugal Southern Mom Blog. Visit her on Facebook!

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