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A new year means new beginnings! This a good time to start new traditions.  If you want to educate your kids about history, day road trips are a good place to start, you should always be open to discovery, but before you take up the whole day driving, take a look around your hometown, you may be surprised about what you may find!  Read below to learn more about George and Martha Washington! 
I was amazed that a small little town in Alabama would have such a wealth of information on George Washington, our first president. 

  • The Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington is a museum in Columbiana, Alabama focused on the colonial period of the United States. It is also noted for having the larger privately owned collections of artifacts related to George and Martha Washington. 
  • Established in 1982, the Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington is named after its founder, Karl C. Harrison, a Columbiana banker and philanthropist. He started the museum with the help and encouragement of descendants of Martha Washington, Eliza Parke Curtis and Charlotte Smith-Weaver. The ladies donated heirlooms and other artifacts, which served as the initial collection of the museum. 
  • The Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington features a number of important items like letters, furniture, paintings, glassware, and jewelry from the colonial period until 1865. Other valuable items are also found on the site. 
  • Shelby County Museum & Archives - Main Street Columbiana, AL (Housed in restored 1854 county courthouse) 
  • Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington  - Depot Street Columbiana, AL   (Largest collection of privately held George and Martha Washington Memorabilia outside of Mount Vernon)   
 The next day trip you take be sure to entertain places nearby, you never know what rich historical information you  may find in your own small home town!

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