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When the Snow Keeps you Home

The winter cold can make you crazy, its at this time when you can develop the worse case of cabin fever and when you add three kid's to the equation, plus two cats and three dogs, the insanity of two parents is in question. 
The temperature's according to the local weather man, who has been spreading the news of low teens for the rest of the weekend with a huge smile upon his face, adds sweetly, we may have a light dusting in certain parts and in some places you may see 1-2 inches. In Alabama it means run to the grocery store for all the milk and bread you can buy, which as a southern, "born and bred" I have often wondered just how much bread can a family eat and I have never really liked whole milk, give this girl skim anytime! 

Once it's established you are "snowed in" and all family members are safely home and a day goes by and the kids have just about had enough of the white dusting, you find yourself in one room with all the animals, all the kids and two adults. At first it's pleasant to have all the family together, while sitting and listening to the crackling of the wood in the fire place. You smile to yourself as you look around to see kids coloring, animals snoozing and Dad reading a book. Yep, this is going to be a wonderful snowed in day, until you hear the dreaded words from the oldest child, "I am bored"! 
Finding things to do with bored kids can be a challenge, but its possible, even with different ages. You just have to give it a lot of thought and whatever you do don"t lose it, this can make the day really crazy for everyone. 
Here are a few things to do when your snowed in and cabin fever and boredom has set in: 
  • Learn to jump rope 
  • Work a jigsaw puzzle with your family 
  • Plan a family night with an activity and snacks 
  • Jump on a pogo stick 
  • Work a crossword puzzle 
  • Skip everywhere you go for one full day 
  • Try to answer everyone who talks to you by singing a song 
  • Make a rubber band ball as big as you can 
  • Teach your kids pig-Latin and speak in pig-Latin for an entire day  
  • Roast marshmallows at the fire place  
  • Roast hot dogs at the fireplace 
  • Play hide and seek in the house
  • Play card games or board games 
  • Play a game of charades 
  • Turn the lights off and make shadow figures   
Being stuck in the house with your family on a snowy day doesn't have to be boring. Make it fun and whatever you do make sure you learn to laugh, this can turn any bad day into a good day! Just think later in life, this may become a memorable day to look back on, which should always put a happy smile back on your face!

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