Spring Road Trip to AL

Spring Road Trip to Alabama
Time passes by quickly and before you know it's time again to plan for a Spring family road trip. The kids want to go somewhere, to the beach, to Disney or they even ask to go on a cruise!  What do these kids think, Mom and Dad are made of money?  Sometimes parents are guilty of trying to "top" last year's trip and this is making our kids expect more each year.  I know we all just want to see a happy child, but at what expense?  

Planning a spring break vacation doesn't have to be stressful, just remember kids are wanting to spend time with you. Road trips are a time for families to make memories with each other. Take a look around your neighborhood and see what new places have opened up that you and your kids would like to visit. You might be surprised what new attractions may be in your own neighborhood! 

Camping is easy. Pack up and head to any near by state park. You will find several things to do, such as swimming, hiking, and of course camping. Cabins are usually available if you would prefer staying in a building. In Alabama we have several state parks. 

One in particular that comes to mind is Oak Mountain State Park, in Pelham, Alabama. They always have several programs going on and I am sure you will be able to find something to do for everyone! The Alabama Wildlife Center is great for kids of all ages. This place receives about 2,522 orphaned or injured animals from at least 100 different species yearly.  Recovery animals are on display so that you may witness their progress. The main objective is to hopefully be able to release them back into the wild one day. They also have many species of birds that cannot be released back into the wild. You can take a short hike to visit them. Oak Mountain also has horses you can ride on trails and a petting farm. Be sure to take pictures of  the peacocks, they love to pose for pictures! They also have a beach area you can visit, so don't forget your bathing suits! Going to a state park is as expensive as you make it. Camping is allowed in new improved areas with electricity or you can go primitive. There is a small daily fee for camping. Spring break doesn't have to break the bank. Making memories is what matters and spending quality time with your kids is priceless! For more information visit: http://www.stateparks.com/oak_mountain_state_park_in_alabama.html


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