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Ready for a roadtrip? Let's get going! Go read my new article at

Roadtrip from Roswell
A new year means new beginnings! This a good time to start new traditions.  If you want to educate your kids about history, day road trips are a good place to start, you should always be open to discovery, but before you take up the whole day driving, take a look around your hometown, you may be surprised about what you may find!  Read below to learn more about George and Martha Washington!  I was amazed that a small little town in Alabama would have such a wealth of information on George Washington, our first president. 
The Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington is a museum in Columbiana, Alabama focused on the colonial period of the United States. It is also noted for having the larger privately owned collections of artifacts related to George and Martha Washington. Established in 1982, the Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washing…
How many are ready for the beach season? Take a look at my article on Road Trip to the Gulf Shores
Once the holidays have ended you look around and find your family appears to be in a rut, its almost like a let down, everyone seems to be recovering from all the magic of the Christmas season and now winter has set in and you look around the room, only to find everyone wrapped in blankets, staring at computers with blank stares.   It's time to get some blood pumping and wake everyone up from their winter hibernation! Downtime is great, but this has been the same scene for the entire month of January, its the start of February, time for a road trip!  In the south we have the beach, usually anywhere from 3 to 4 hours of travel time, plus the rates are down so you can take a quick winter getaway without putting too much damage on the family budget.    Alabama beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the south to visit,…
Are ready for Spring? Check out my latest article on
Feeling like spring is in the air, but then I heard the ground hog saw his shadow, so it looks like six more weeks of winter will be bestowed upon us! So what does a family do when snowed in? 

You could move to Alabama, where we actually have such unpredictable weather, it doesn't matter who saw their shadow, in one week we can see all seasons of the year, plus throw in a few tornadoes. 

So with that being said, taking off on adventurous road trips on any given Saturday isn't a problem, just be sure to check the weather to make sure your dressed appropriately. 

A good way to get your Saturday up and running smoothly in our household is to stop by a great breakfast place to make sure everyone is filled to the brim, so once back in the car, maybe you can get a few miles behind you before hearing, 'I am hungry!''. 

I guess you could say we are really pretty lucky, we …
Let's  head to Laurel MS and read my latest article on How to survive a Winter Family Road Trip!
Winter Family Road Trip from Laurel
It's been raining and the kids have tracked in practically all the mud in the yard into the house. You have mopped the floors several times and now its time to say I quit. It may be time to put the mop down and put on your rain boots and join the kids by jumping in all the mud puddles.  It's time to remind yourself mud will wash off but the fun of getting dirty with the kids can be priceless! What to do on a rainy day or overcast day? Maybe its time to get in the family car and venture out on a rainy day road trip. There is a great place in Birmingham, Alabama that can be fun for kids and adults. 
McWane Center is a hands on training for kids of all ages. "You can change lives with Science and Wonder"!  It opened in 1998 and since then it has entertained milli…
Yes, who doesn't love Snow days! Check at my latest article at: When the Snow Keeps you Home
The winter cold can make you crazy, its at this time when you can develop the worse case of cabin fever and when you add three kid's to the equation, plus two cats and three dogs, the insanity of two parents is in question.  The temperature's according to the local weather man, who has been spreading the news of low teens for the rest of the weekend with a huge smile upon his face, adds sweetly, we may have a light dusting in certain parts and in some places you may see 1-2 inches. In Alabama it means run to the grocery store for all the milk and bread you can buy, which as a southern, "born and bred" I have often wondered just how much bread can a family eat and I have never really liked whole milk, give this girl skim anytime! 
Once it's established you are "snowed in" and all family memb…
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Excuse the late posting! I took a fall, yes just call me "Grace", and broke my wrist!
After a few weeks of healing,  I am now back to blogging~ Hope you enjoy my article on, AVOID TRAFFIC ON VALENTINE's

Avoid Traffic on Valentines
It's almost that time of the year, when everything is red and love is in the air! Valentine's Day can be one of the better holidays. We are gifted with chocolate, jewelry and scrumptious meals at our favorite restaurants! Of course I am speaking from a woman's point of view!  Once kids enter the picture of the loving red-heart couple, you will notice things seem to change a bit, the presents become cards and dinners now consist of takeout pizza, but it's ok, because we still love each other but now we have little hearts to cherish and dote on, so it really all balances out when yo…